XXV Sitges Conference on Statistical Mechanics, Barcelona, 6-10 June 2016
The title of this forthcoming edition of the Sitges Conference will be "Nonequilibrium phenomena in confined systems''. The Conference will take place in Barcelona from the 6th until the 10th of June 2016. We will have the participation of prominent researchers in the areas of physics, chemistry and biology working on confined systems in topics like: Diffusion and entropic transport in confined systems; Ion and polymer translocation; Phase transitions and chemical reactions in confined media; Forces induced by fluctuations in confined systems and Casimir effect; Confined active mater; Macromolecular crowding; Energy conversion in confinement.
With the organization of this Conference, we will provide a unique opportunity to exchange points of view, to promote contacts and new collaborations among researchers working on different inter-disciplinary areas, and to create a forum for debate that can help to provide answers about the novel effects induced by confinement.
Some selected papers can be published in a special issue of Entropy:
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Image: Parc G├╝ell, by Jean-Christophe Benoist, under Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported license.